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JFK Airport

The John F. Kennedy Airport, also known as JFK Airport, is about 19 km Southeast of Lower Manhattan. According to some stats, it has been noted that it was the busiest international airport in the USA in 2011 and even has treated more traffic as compared to shipments. It has a strong management as well because it had handled more than 47,809,900 passengers at a time and JFK airport was named as the 17th busiest airport in the world and also the 6th busiest in the USA. In the past couple of years, a number of improvements have been made to JFK airport including the terminals, inter-terminal and roadway transportation as well.

The first terminal was opened for the passengers in 1998, which was 50 years after the creation of JFK. And now there are 8 terminals now which seem pretty much impressive. You will be surprised to know that there are 11 gates of the terminal 1 and Airbus 380 aircraft is controlled in this terminal. You can easily go wherever you want to because there are sign boards everywhere which can guide a lot. If you are new then you can also be helped by the CBP representatives. You can also order emergency tickets which can be provided to you as soon as possible but obviously then you will have to pay more money for the ticket. If the weather is not pleasant and due to which your flight has been delayed then you can also take some rest in the waiting area where the people are waiting for their beloved ones coming from different countries or are waiting for their flight to take off. You can also see a canteen if you will see around the whole airport, it can provide numerous things, some may be of liked by you while another may not be. There are modern facilities available at JFK airport; if your flight has landed at this airport then you surely can have a taxi, in case you are alone, as soon as possible because the drivers outside JFK airport as desperately waiting for someone to come and they can earn some money for their livelihood.

The management as mentioned above is pretty much good; their talk is very friendly as well. You will feel like your own home there and no doubt that the people of New York are already very nice. Your each and every question will be answered very politely by the staff and if you need to know something about JFK airport or even want to visit then you will also be visited. They treat everyone as their guests and respect them very much. The thing that you have to care about is your luggage; still if you have lost something precious then they will allow you to have a look at the CCTV cameras from where you can see that who is the thief. There are differences to terminals and different tasks are performed on every terminal, there is also an information desk from where you can have any kind of information which you want.

There are a number of facilities at JFK Airport that you can also acquire during the flight, the delay of flights are like once in a blue moon or in case of severe emergency, the pilots are well trained and know exactly what to do in bad conditions. You will feel comfortable in their flight. Your luggage when submitted is properly managed and nothing is lost. You are provided with drinks and other eatable things during the flights along with magazines to remove the emptiness, the aero planes at JFK airport are also highly equipped obviously are air-conditioned.

Airport Information

Official Name:
John F Kennedy International
Time Zone:
GMT -5.0
Latitude (DD):
Longitude (DD):
Latitude (DMS):
40° 38’ 0" N
Longitude (DMS):
73° 47’ 0" W
Passengers (2017):
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3,460m (11,351ft)
46m (150ft)
2,560m (8,400ft)
61m (200ft)
3,048m (10,000ft)
46m (150ft)
4,442m (14,572ft)
46m (150ft)