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JFK Airport Arrivals

JFK- Johan F. Kennedy airport is one of the busiest airport of USA and the world. It is also much upgraded and meet all the requirements of a modern day airport. The arrival facilities of this international airport are also up to date. This airport has about seven airline terminals which are operating 24/7. These airline terminals are surrounded by two highways. There are about more than 125 airline terminal gates which are used for national and international arrivals. A central heating and also a central cooling plant are deployed in the central terminal area for maintaining a good temperature and to protect temperature equilibrium to disturb.

Recently New York and New Jersey Board of Commissioners have approved Jet Blue airline’s request to expand the JFK international airport’s terminal number five. Jet Blue is recently the largest domestic airline company at JFK international airport and is focused of enhancing its profits by enhancing its international operations and also by expanding partnerships and to get all this they have to upgrade their travel benefits. And for this purpose they have got the expansion of terminal 5 of JFK international airport sanctioned by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey Board of commissioners. This recently approved expansion will add another 145,000 square feet at JFK international airport’s terminal 5 which has about 635,000 square feet at present. The terminal 5 at present do not have an arrival facility so Jet Blue has to take its passengers to another terminal and the empty plane again head back to this terminal. This sanctioned expansion will enable Jet Blue and other airlines to arrive and depart from the same terminal. This most probable expansion also includes deployment of a federal inspection site at terminal number 5 which will enable the airport authorities to check customs and immigrants and will also enable them to control those 125 gates for international arrivals.