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Driving Directions

Want to know how to get to the JFK Airport by car from the Long Island, New Jersey, NYC and the Connecticut? Here is a brief view of the directions for driving to the JFK Airport .As far as the directions from the Long Island are concerned; there are various ways to get to the JFK airport. One is the Southern State Parkway. So, one can get to the Southern State Parkway west until the name of the highway is changed to the Belt Parkway and then, at exit 20, follow the signs for the JFK airport. The destination can also be achieved by the Long Island Expressway. One can go west on the L.I.E to Cross Island Parkway. Then, drive south to the Belt Parkway and then go west to exit twenty for the JFK Airport.

As far as directions from the South are concerned, one can go north on the NJ Turnpike to Exit thirteen for Goethals Bridge. Then follow to Staten Island Expressway to Bridge of Verrazano. Now exit the bridge in order to take the Belt Parkway east. At the exit nineteen, one can take the Nassau Expressway that directly leads to the airport. Now, the directions from the west! There are many ways to get to the JFK Airport from the west. One among them is Via I-78. For this way, go east on the I-78 towards New Jersey south to Exit 13. Now cross Goethals Bridge and go towards the Staten Island Expressway and then to Verrazano bridge. Now from the Verrazano Bridge, one can take the Belt Parkway which directly leads to the JFK Airport. An alternate route is Via I-80/I-280.

Get east on the I-280 east to the south New Jersey Turnpike. Now cross the Goethals bridge and get to the Staten Island Expressway and then to the Verrazano bridge. Now, from the Verrazano Bridge, Belt Parkway can be taken which leads the Kennedy Airport. At last, here are a few directions from the Upstate New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts. Get to the Deegan Expressway and drive to Cross Bronx Expressway. Now drive east to I-678. Now, following the I-678 south, get across the Bronx Whitestone Bridge and then drive towards south to Van Wyck Expressway. This will directly lead to the Kennedy Airport. There is an alternate to do so. After getting to I-95, drive towards Bruckner Expressway. Now one can take the exit for Hutchinson River Parkway. Then, follow this route across Bronx-Whitestone Bridge and then finally get to the V.W Expressway that directly leads to the JFK Airport.

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