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JFK Airport Parking

Johan F .Kennedy (JFK) international airport is the first taste of the New York City which most passengers take when they land in New York. Situated in Bough of Queens 20 km from Manhattan where most places of tourist attraction are. It is an example of state of the art of modern airports. Like its 8 huge and highly modern flight terminals for the arrival and departure of the flights its parking capacity is also highly modern and vast.

Well there is no parking available for passengers in those big and huge terminals for pick and drop but from a 5 minute ride from any terminal there is a cell phone car parking. At JFK there are different parking lots for short term parking and parking lots for long term parking are also different. The parking rates of these parking lots are also different from each other. The parking garages which are used for daily basis parking are color coded namely Yellow, Green, Blue, Orange and Red. These parking lots are adjacent to each terminal making them easily accessible for every passenger.

For example, Green garage is adjacent to terminal number 1,2 and 3 Blue is adjacent to terminal number 4 Yellow to terminal 4 and 5, the orange named garage is adjacent to terminal number 7 and the Red is adjacent to terminal 8. A short term car park coasts $3 for the first half an hour, $6 for the first hour and $3 per hour thereafter up to $33 per day. The long term parking lots are a bit far from the terminals. They are situated on Lefferts Boulevard, about 6.4 kilometers from the terminals. You need to take the facility to shuttle bus service from the terminals to go there. It takes about 8 minutes to reach there in a shuttle bus. The long term parking coasts $18 for the first day and $6 per day thereafter. Disabled passengers are allowed to park their cars in the short term parking lots for a long time and they will be charged according to long term parking expenses I-e $18 for the first day and $6 per day thereafter. Discounts are available for the EZ pass holders.