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JFK Airport Transfers & Taxis

It’s New York City, known for its feisty taxi service. Dozens of cabs pass in front of you if you are standing on any road of New York City. This fast taxi service also provides you a fast and safe ride to JFK international airport. If you want to reach Johan F. Kennedy airport by taxi then any taxi driver will take you there. He will charge you according to the meter reading. Besides the fare resulting from meter reading the taxi expenses also include toll expenses and the driver’s trip because taxi drivers in New York City are very ruthless regarding their tips. Though giving tip to drivers is not compulsory for you but if you don’t give tip to them then expect at least some verbal abuse from them.

Getting a taxi from JFK international airport is also very easy. Transportation information Counters set on every terminals book taxies on request of any passenger. Going from one terminal to another terminal through taxi will charge you about $4 to $12 depending upon the distance between the two terminals. In addition to set taxi fare passenger will also have to tip the drivers. From 4pm to 8pm a peak time surcharge of $1 apply on every passenger for tips and a $0.5 surcharge between 8pm to 6am. Passengers can also hire a cab from JFK airport to any part of NYC. If you want to take a trip to any location of Manhattan then you will be charged $45 by a taxi driver. A trip to Bronx will cost you about $39 to #55 and any trip to Brooklyn will cost you about $34 to $52. If you want to go to Queens then you have to pay $20 to $27 .And a taxi drive from JFK to Staten Island will cost you about $54 to $64.You can also hire a cab from JFK airport if you want to go to other airports of New York City. Getting to LaGuardia airport by a taxi from JFK airport will cost you from $28 to $32. And taxis to New York Liberty International airport will make you pay a taxi fare of $72 to $84. Going to New York Liberty International airport will cost you another $15 surcharge. Besides these set taxi fares passengers will also have to pay all the tolls in their taxi journey.